Master of Science in Higher Education


The Master of Science in Higher Education program offers students a unique curriculum that starts with a look at the historical context of the field and builds a keen and well-rounded appreciation for the institution of higher education. Then it focuses on today’s college student, taking a close look at the issues of diversity and social and cultural trends. The program moves on to legal, governance and finance issues, and finishes with intensive research and two internships, which place a student in the field to utilize newfound knowledge and establish the groundwork for competence in the working world.

This program is the only Master of Science in Higher Education offered exclusively online, taught by professors who all have terminal degrees and extensive experience in the field. The online format will enable you to maintain your professional responsibilities and keep your personal commitments. Students completing a Master of Science in Higher Education will graduate with a biblically sound, balanced view of the field, a current awareness of the trends in higher education, and a sharpened perception of the world acquired through assessment, evaluation, and research.



Examples of courses in this major:

MSHE 5010 History and Foundations of Higher Education

This course is designed to introduce students in how the institution of higher education has been shaped by major trends in American society. It will look at the historic development, structure, roles, and diverse characteristics of both private and public sectors of higher education, how they have contributed to the development of our country, and what might be expected of higher education in the future.  Additional focus on how Christian heritage and how that has been a theme in the development of higher education.

MSHE 5020 Student Affairs in Higher Education

This course will be an intense study of theory and developmental patterns which are necessary in guiding the student affairs professional.  Content is designed to increase the understanding of how student services, activities, health and wellness, and all areas of student affairs are organized, administered, and assessed.

MSHE 5030 Organization, Governance and Finance

This course will examine key administrative and financing structures used within higher educational institutions. This will include budgeting processes, sources of revenue, types of expenditures, and analyzing social, political, economic, and technological environments.  The focus will also be on factors influencing strategic level decision making, structure, governance model, human resources, change management and leadership culture.

MSHE 5040 The College Student  

This course examines the patterns of college students from several different viewpoints. You will learn distinctives and differences in generational cohorts, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, as well as other characteristics of the American college student.

MSHE 5050 Legal Issues in Higher Education  

This course focuses on persistent legal and ethical issues which confront today’s leaders in higher education. You will learn to recognize concerns while processing and analyzing law in areas such as student rights and privacy laws, sexual harassment, tort liability, federal, and judicial reputations, distinction between public and private sectors, all the while learning and understanding the need for clear judicial affairs policy.