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Nonprofit Management: Applying Christian Servant Leadership

Despite some similarities, Christian servant leadership is only superficially related to a secular understanding of servant leadership. Robert Greenleaf, a Quaker who had a 38-year career at AT&T, first coined “servant leadership” to refer to leaders who put other people’s needs, aspirations and interests above their own. They serve others…

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Molding the Path: How to Become a Career Counselor

An estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter college as “undecided,” and 75 percent change their major before graduating, according to Virginia Gordon in her book The Undecided College Student: An Academic and Career Advising Challenge. Many students do not receive proper guidance on education and career decisions, and…

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An Evolving Job Market for Graduates: Preparing Students for Success

Economic conditions have improved since the Great Recession officially ended in the middle of 2009. Yet in 2014, CNN Money reported that most Americans thought economic conditions remained poor because the recovery has been the slowest on record. “Wages are barely rising, home prices are still below their peak and…

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Back to School: The Benefits of a Degree in Higher Ed

About 21 million students were enrolled at American colleges and universities in 2014 — 5.7 million more than in 2000, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). If you’ve attended college, you know what your educational experience was like. However, you might not know how many professionals work in…

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