B.S. in General Studies


The job market is in constant need of employees equipped with strong critical thinking and communications skills. Companies and corporations are interested in candidates who can exhibit professionalism in the work place. Those looking for success need to have a strong grasp of these skills, or struggle in today’s complex job market.

Grace College’s GOAL (Grace Opportunities for Adult Learners) Bachelor of Science in General Studies is built just for students balancing personal commitment while pursuing an education. Our instructors have created a learning environment that keeps the same substance of a traditional degree program, but with added convenience for course completion at your own pace.

Our program is focused on giving students the skills to become effective employees in the workforce. Students will learn how to become effective communicators and invaluable team members for today’s industries. Our degree will also open a variety of opportunities for employment requiring a college degree.

Fall 2014-15 Curriculum

Spring 2015-16 Curriculum

  • Adult assessment replaces traditional examinations.
  • The final two years of your college program is completed in 16 months.
  • GOAL is priced substantially below most degree completion programs.
  • Outstanding and understanding faculty who are geared towards teaching adults.


Examples of courses in this major:

GOL 3080 Science Matters

Exploration of physical and biological details of nature with emphasis on science history, the creation worldview, and earth stewardship. A “hands-on” approach is emphasized with activities and data analysis. 

GOL 3680 Integration of Software Tools-course description coming soon

GOL 4180 Contemporary America and the World

This course is a topical approach to the cultural history of the United States from the end of the Second World War to the present, with special emphasis on America’s role in global affairs. Students will not only gain a broad understanding of America’s place in recent world events but also a specialized knowledge of various relevant topics and their historical context. Topics covered in this class have included the Cold War, the 1960s, American evangelicalism, and terrorism. This is the department’s general education course. 

GOL 4380 Global Perspectives

In this course, students engage divergent outlooks from around the world, grappling with cultural differences and presuppositions. Defining literary works, films and guest speakers from different continents set the stage for literary and cultural discussions. This course will also provide a framework for understanding God’s heart for the nations. 

GOL 4580 Creative Arts &Culture

Through a global, thematic approach, this course explores the human phenomenon of creativity. Posing the question "Why creative arts?' this course focuses on exploring how culture and creativity reflect each other within the realm of visual and performing arts. Through themes of survival, religion, the state, and self, this course examines artists’ roles within cultures, the way art is made or performed, how meaning is derived, and how art is used, kept or destroyed. Required experiential activities for engaging in visual and performing arts include such things as attending museum exhibits, concerts or theatrical productions.