B.S. in Human Services


Conflict is a fact of life in today’s world. People are constantly dealing with issues that may require assistance and support from outside sources. Whether its divorce, homelessness, or a personal tragedy, people will always need help with personal issues that are affecting their well-being. The individuals that come to aid in times of need must maintain a skill set that allows them to approach every situation delicately. Well trained assistance can provide a person in need with a guiding hand through dark times, and help them back up on their feet.

Grace College’s GOAL (Grace Opportunities for Adult Learners) is created just for students balancing personal commitment while pursuing an education. Our Bachelor of Science in Human Services program is designed especially for adults who are currently balancing work and personal commitments. Our courses are flexible so you can complete course work at your leisure.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services degree at Grace College is designed to give adults a first step to becoming an advocate for those individuals and groups who require help in times of conflict. The highly trained instructors at Grace College will give you all the tools you need to enter into the human services field of your choice. Upon graduation a wealth of new opportunities will be open and available for you.

Spring 2015-16 Curriculum

  • Adult assessment replaces traditional examinations.
  • The final two years of your college program is completed in 16 months.
  • GOAL is priced substantially below most degree completion programs.
  • Outstanding and understanding faculty who are geared towards teaching adults.


(Course Descriptions Coming Soon)

GOL 3220 Systems of Social Welfare

GOL 3520 Human Growth and Development

GOL 3820 Social Problems

GOL 4020 Case Management

GOL 4620 Legal & Professional Issues in Human Services