B.S. In Management (GOAL)


The constantly changing marketplace makes the skills of leadership and management incredibly valuable. Effective management can be the difference between a great success and a great failure. Today’s most successful companies and corporations are always on the lookout for leaders who can manage the day to day operations of their business. Strong managers will always have a wealth of opportunities available to them.

Grace College’s GOAL (Grace Opportunities for Adult Learners) is created for students balancing personal commitment while pursuing an education. We at Grace College understand the difficulties that come with balancing work and school, and our Bachelor of Science in Management program is built to be flexible. Our students are always able to work at a pace that is best for them.

Our courses will prepare you for the quick pace of today’s business world. You will gain the tools needed to become a strong and effective leader in a variety of situations. This program will also open a variety of job opportunities, and help take you from an entry-level position into management.

Fall 2014-15 Curriculum

Spring 2015-16 Curriculum

  • Adult assessment replaces traditional examinations.
  • The final two years of your college program is completed in 16 months.
  • GOAL is priced substantially below most degree completion programs.
  • Outstanding and understanding faculty who are geared towards teaching adults.


Examples of courses in this major:

GOL3100 Business Writing in the New Millennium

Students will build a writing portfolio for diverse audiences and purposes. A writing rubric will ensure strong ideas, logical organization, conversational voice, clear words, smooth sentences, correct copy, and a reader-friendly design. Computer tools will be used to create and enhance written messages that meet the needs of today’s fast-paced business environment.

GOL3200 Expanded Conversation: Public Speaking in the Workplace

In this course, students will learn to analyze, construct and deliver a variety of presentations required in the modern workplace. Emphasis will be on practicality and individual growth.

GOL3300 Gifts Differing: Diversity and Teamwork in the Workplace

Students will gain experience with and knowledge of concepts related to diversity in the workplace. Special emphasis is placed on understanding personality preferences. Group dynamics such as power, perception, motivation, leadership and decision-making are analyzed through readings, written assignments and class discussion.

GOL3400 Principles of Management

This course will survey the role of managers in organization: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. We will explore leadership styles and techniques, preparing students to solve problems and apply effective decision- making processes in their environments.

GOL3500 Business Law

Students study the basic legal principles which control modern business transactions. Additionally, the course deals with such topics as contracts, agencies, employment, negotiable instruments, property, sales and business relations with government.