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Grace College Reduces Price of Online Degrees by 19.5%
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Find Careers in Ministry at Grace College

A follower of Christ can give glory to God and serve Him in virtually any career choice. Of course, there are a number of ministry careers that make a more direct connection. Careers in ministry, as well as careers in education and counseling, lend themselves to serving and loving people,…

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Your Guide to Becoming a Licensed Counselor in Indiana

Mental health counseling is a rewarding and meaningful career that allows you to make a lasting impact on people’s lives. But becoming a licensed counselor is not for the faint of heart or for those looking to get into their field instantaneously. Becoming a counselor is a long haul. It…

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How to Be a Successful Online College Student

Online students and traditional students have a lot in common; they’re both working on assignments, participating in group projects, taking exams, listening to lectures, and reading textbooks. But the technology required to do all of these things is what really sets an online student apart.  If taking tests online or…

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How to Choose An Online College

In life, we all have to make decisions. Some are easy, some not so much. When it comes to deciding between furthering your education or continuing your career, the choice can feel paralyzing. Both are great choices. Why can’t you just choose both? Here’s the good news -- you can!…

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