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Grace College Reduces Price of Online Degrees by 19.5%
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Success Therapy: Your Guide to Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Lying on a couch and being asked “how does that make you feel?” is a popular cliche about counseling, but the reality is far different. The field of counseling is varied and multifaceted, and psychologists are not the only providers of mental health services. Clinical mental health counselors also play…

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Your Guide to Youth Ministry Resources

As a youth pastor, you play a unique role in the lives of young people, serving as a spiritual guide and facilitating their relationship with God. But in a demanding and often tricky field like youth ministry, the right resources are important for building and maintaining relationships with students. We’ve…

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Acing The College Admissions Process with Grace Online

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue an online degree, the next step is organizing your information so you can apply. At Grace College Online, we provide support for every step of the college admissions process; you’ll work with an enrollment counselor who can answer your questions and guide you…

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Academic Resources to Help Grace Students Succeed in the Online Classroom

Although online students may use different technology than traditional classroom students, much of the work remains the same. Online courses still have lectures and exams, meaning that online students still have meet the same academic requirements. But for students using a new medium to learn, they may struggle getting used…

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Grace Student Success Coach Discusses Online Learning Support

Earning your degree online can be a great way to continue your education while still working and juggling family commitments. And to accommodate the students of online degree programs, Grace’s student success coaches help guide students through their degree programs. Joseph Thien is one success coach who has supported numerous…

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Simplifying the Financial Aid Process at Grace College Online

Although online education is more affordable compared to many traditional degree programs, understanding how to pay for classes is still of high importance to every student. Financial aid for Christian students as well as nondenominational students can be a blessing to those in need of help. The process has several steps;…

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