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Grace College Reduces Price of Online Degrees by 19.5%
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How to Lead Christian Communities of Any Size

For a few decades now, there has been a steady migration from smaller church communities of less than 1,000 members to megachurches that can reach upwards of 20,000 worshippers every weekend. With the explosion of megachurches both in the United States and globally, many Christian leaders have altered how they serve…

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Back to School: The Benefits of a Degree in Higher Ed

About 21 million students were enrolled at American colleges and universities in 2014 — 5.7 million more than in 2000, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). If you’ve attended college, you know what your educational experience was like. However, you might not know how many professionals work in…

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Success Therapy: Your Guide to Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Lying on a couch and being asked “how does that make you feel?” is a popular cliche about counseling, but the reality is far different. The field of counseling is varied and multifaceted, and psychologists are not the only providers of mental health services. Clinical mental health counselors also play…

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Academic Resources to Help Grace Students Succeed in the Online Classroom

Although online students may use different technology than traditional classroom students, much of the work remains the same. Online courses still have lectures and exams, meaning that online students still have meet the same academic requirements. But for students using a new medium to learn, they may struggle getting used…

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