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April 8, 2021

4 Careers in Nonprofit: Find the Path that Best Fits You at Grace College

When you get a nonprofit degree, you’re equipped for more than one career path. Careers in the nonprofit sector are all about making a difference for others. But in the process of earning your master of nonprofit management degree at Grace College Online, a difference will also be made in you.

Read on to learn about some of the most common careers in nonprofit and discover which one best fits you!

Nonprofit Careers

When it comes to working in the nonprofit sector, we must start with answering the questions, “Why should I even work for a nonprofit? Why shouldn’t I choose a corporate job?”

The biggest difference between the corporate sector and the nonprofit sector is the bottom line. In business, the ultimate goal is to make a profit. Nonprofits, on the other hand, have a double bottom line, which still looks at the financial status of an organization to ensure they are staying out of the red but also highly prioritzes the societal impact of an organization. This unwavering dedication to fulfilling the mission can translate to longer hours for staff and require them to pitch in wherever needed to help advance the mission. But staff members often derive an enormous sense of personal fulfillment from their work (particularly if the organization is well-run and getting results).

Additionally, as Christians, nonprofit careers are often tangible expressions of our faith. Whether you work for a soup kitchen, a local church or a hospital, there are many opportunities to let your faith compel you to love and serve others in the work you do every day.

Now, what career paths might you take in the nonprofit sector? Here are four good options:  

1. Fundraiser

Fundraisers research, identify, and contact prospective donors and then help organize events and campaigns to raise money for the organization. They also train volunteers in fundraising procedures and practices, evaluate past and current fundraising efforts, and ensure that legal reporting requirements are satisfied. These professionals can specialize in certain aspects of fundraising, such as annual campaigns, capital campaigns, major gifts, and planned giving.

The median annual wage for fundraisers is $57,970, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Employment is projected to grow 14 percent by 2029.

2. Marketing Manager

The next of your potential careers in nonprofit is marketing manager. Marketing managers generate interest in products or services by planning promotional campaigns. They may be involved in market research, negotiating marketing contracts, hiring staff, and overseeing campaigns across radio, television, print, online media, and billboards.

The median annual wage for marketing managers is $135,900, according to the BLS. Employment is projected to grow 6 percent by 2029.

3. Fundraising Manager

Fundraising managers oversee campaigns that produce donations for the organization. They manage progress toward fundraising goals, devise and carry out fundraising strategies, plan events, meet with important donors, apply to grants, and oversee staff.

The median annual wage for public relations and fundraising managers is $116,180, according to the BLS. Employment for these nonprofit careers is projected to grow nine percent by 2029.

4. Social and Community Service Manager

Social and community service managers oversee social service programs and community organizations. They manage workers who provide social services to the public, manage administrative aspects of programs, plan and manage outreach activities, write proposals for funding, and work with community members to identify necessary programs and services.

The median annual wage for social and community service managers is $67,150, according to the BLS. Employment is projected to grow 17 percent by 2029.

Pursuing Advanced Roles in Nonprofit Organizations

If any of these nonprofit careers interest you, you’ll need the right degree to get you there. 

Grace College’s online nonprofit management degree is about developing your employees and protecting your clients. We want to help you develop the knowledge and skills to make you confident that your organization is doing just that. We will teach you how to better apply technology for the best results, how to effectively raise funds, how to create and train staff, and how to improve efficiency within your organization. In addition, we will provide classes in the ethics of fundraising, advocacy, and strategic planning. 

When you complete our Master of Nonprofit Management degree, you’ll graduate with the ability to take your newly acquired knowledge and skills and your compassion for something greater than yourself to effectively pursue careers in nonprofit.