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June 2, 2023

5 Benefits of Online Education for Working Adults

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Add pursue a degree to your list after your learn the 5 benefits of online education for working adults at Grace College Online.

The world of online learning is constantly expanding, and for good reason! Virtual classes allow students to access their school of choice from anywhere in the world while working at their own pace. Online education for working adults is especially valuable because of the flexibility and lower cost it provides. If you are a working adult with a demanding schedule, you may find that continuing your education online is advantageous. There are five predominant reasons why.


1. It helps maintain work-life balance. 

Run the kids to school, get to work on time, grab some groceries, make sure the house is clean — the task list seems endless. Add “pursue a degree” to the list, and it just seems overwhelming! Fortunately, online education for working adults offers flexibility and versatility for the busy, full-time employee who is interested in being a lifelong learner.  

“Balancing it all is actually pretty doable,” says Brittany Tadesse, Grace Online MBA grad and full-time employee. “Online classes allow you to complete coursework at your own pace, so you can just schedule it according to what works best for you.”

A virtual classroom is great for people who want to pursue a degree while maintaining their other obligations. Got an assignment due on Tuesday? Complete it Monday night after putting the kids to bed. Have a paper to complete by Friday? Get started before work each morning. Yes, you’ll need to use some strategy to get it done, but the beauty of online classes is that you can still maintain your work-life balance. 


2. It increases the likelihood of getting a salary increase. 

Pursuing an online degree can open up so many doors! Committing to furthering your education shows your employer that you are committed to professional development as a lifelong learner. Once you have completed the degree, you will have the skills necessary to take on more responsibilities, possibly move to a higher position, and even receive a salary increase.

According to the National Association of College and Employers’ Salary Survey, going from a bachelor’s to master’s degree can greatly increase your income. A variety of master’s degrees are available online to help you make the most of your career!

3. It builds connections.  

Adults who are going back to school will find that the courses provide an opportunity to connect with other professionals who value being a lifelong learner as well as professors who are experts in their field. 

“Asking a lot of questions was so helpful for me to fully understand the content and for connecting with people in the class!” shared Allison Buzalski, full-time teacher and graduate of the special education intense intervention program. 

Grace College Online professors want to connect with their students not only on a professional level but also a personal one! Make the online learning experience come to life by interacting with your professors!

“Professors want to get to know their students,” says Dr. Tim Ziebarth, online advisor. “They get to know students as individuals and want to see them succeed.”


4. It offers immediate feedback.

A lifelong learner values feedback. An added benefit of pursuing online classes is the access to regular communication with an expert who wants to help you! When taking classes in a traditional classroom setting, oftentimes, students need to wait longer to receive feedback on assignments or meet with professors. With online courses, professors are readily available by email, phone, or even FaceTime. 

For marketing professor Matt Metzger, Zoom calls have been a great way to provide in-the-moment feedback and get to know the class. 

“Rather than communicating through email only, I believe in interactive online education, which consists of weekly Zoom calls with the class,” said Metzger. “The most recent cohort seems to love the interaction.”


5. It broadens your skill set.

The most obvious reason to pursue a degree through continued online education is to broaden your knowledge without having to press pause on the current work you are doing in your field. Continued education has proven to increase time management skills, research skills, and leadership skills. 

Online classes provide continued access to course materials readily available digitally, which means you can go back and review as much as needed, even after you have completed your coursework. A lifelong learner will value the accessibility that online education provides.

So what are you waiting for? If you have an interest in pursuing a degree, elevating your professional development, and making new connections, Grace College Online may be perfect for you!