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How to Practice Dynamic Leadership

From businesses to nonprofits to the military, all organizations can benefit from dynamic leadership. Cpl. Matthew Progen at the Marine Corps Association & Foundation describes dynamic leadership as a dual-focused form of adaptive leadership where a leader reacts to changes by being proactive. It requires a fluid style of leadership…

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6 Common Leadership Challenges in 2017

Leadership challenges exist for any manager or mentor. Businesses require leaders who are skilled at guiding employees, helping develop workers’ skills and providing direction for the organization. The following sections illustrate some of the most common leadership challenges in 2017. 1.    Building Trust Almost one in three employees don’t trust…

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A Guide to the Employee Onboarding Process

Each year in the United States, more than 25 percent of the working population experiences career transitions, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Managers begin new jobs every two to four years, and in Fortune 500 companies alone, approximately 500,000 managers take on new roles each year.…

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What Is Workplace Ethics?

The percentage of U.S. workers who said they observed misconduct on the job fell to an all-time low of 41 percent in 2013, according to the National Business Ethics Survey (NBES). This “low” figure is down from 45 percent in 2011 and a record high of 55 percent in 2007.…

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What Is the Job Description of a Product Manager?

Each member of a product team helps an organization design, build, test and market the product effectively. However, “there is one role that is absolutely crucial to producing a good product, yet it is often the most misunderstood and underutilized of all the roles,” according to the Silicon Valley Product…

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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

The study of business ethics refers to the ethical dimensions of productive organizations and commercial activities, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. It applies to the production, distribution, marketing, sale and consumption of goods and services. It can include potentially controversial issues like insider trading, bribery and discrimination. From…

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6 Types of Management Styles

When considering career success, tangible qualities often come to mind, such as the type of work and salary. But one critical factor to your success is leadership style, both in how you manage people and how you like to be managed. Effective managers can improve productivity and employee morale and…

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Rapid Growth: The Past, Present and Future of Wearable Technology

The popularity of wearable devices like Fitbit and Google Glass has implications for numerous industries, most notably fitness and healthcare. The rapid growth of wearable technology products, spurred by the desires of younger consumers, shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, innovative advancements make the future of wearable technology appear…

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Global Impact: Social Entrepreneurship Companies

Blake Mycoskie visited Argentina in 2006 and saw children walking in the streets outside Buenos Aires without shoes. He was inspired to take action after learning how shoes are an effective way to combat disease. Nearly one-quarter of the world’s population has soil-transmitted infections, according to the World Health Organization,…

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3 Inspiring Christian Business Leaders

Not all business leaders measure success by corporate growth and financial considerations. Several high-profile companies were founded and continue to be run by Christian business leaders who devote what they do to Christ. These business leaders demonstrate the eternal impact that a business can have. 3 Examples of Christian Business…

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