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May 25, 2023

Masters in Non profit Management Graduate Aids Churches in Launching Powerful Ministries

“I just love to help,” says Pete Nichols. 

Feeding the homeless, creating a website for a church, developing a team, assisting in grant writing – imagine doing all of this in a day! For Nichols, this is a reality. His life is built around service. Whether it’s during his nine-to-five job partnering with a church in South America or during his five-to-nine role pursuing one of his passion projects, it is evident that Nichols’ heart is to help others succeed. That’s why the Masters in Non profit management degree was perfect for his life.


Serving On and Off the Clock

Nichols’ main role is supporting churches through Ethnos Canada, a non profit organization that exists to assist the ministry of local churches all over the world. The mission of Ethnos Canada is to mobilize and equip believers to share the love of Jesus with unreached people. Nichols has had the opportunity to work with a young first-generation church in South America to provide a literacy program for adult students. To increase longevity of the program, he is working on creating a website to keep all of the literacy program content digital. His aim is to make literacy programs more accessible for adult learners in South America. 

In addition to his work with Ethnos Canada, Nichols also finds great fulfillment in the work he does after he clocks out for the day. He has a variety of “side hustles,” all aimed at empowering others to make a difference. Several of these include working with churches in Ontario, Canada, to equip them with what they need to assist in homeless ministry, impact their community, and plan ahead financially. 

“I enjoy helping churches find what works,” Nichols shares. “So many church leaders have the heart, but need the hands and feet! I get the opportunity to help them think through the longevity of their ministry.”  

Finding the Tools

Throughout his life, Nichols has seen examples of great leaders and not-so-great leaders. He knew he wanted to be one of the good ones, so he set out to do everything in his power to improve his ability to lead well. 

“Great leaders empower others to become leaders,” Nichols shared. “I wanted to further my education with a masters in non profit management so that I could help other people thrive.”

During his undergrad experience pursuing a bachelors in intercultural ministries, Nichols heard about the Grace College Online Non profit management degree. What peaked his interest most was the focus on ministry. 

“Grace’s masters in non profit management gave the tangible hands and feet to my ministry so that I could put what I was learning into action,” he shared.

While Nichols had passion, his further education provided the know-how. The credibility of a master’s program gave him the confidence and tools needed to achieve his goals. He appreciated the connections he made through the program.

“The professors’ accessibility was unparalleled.” Nichols shared. “I felt just as connected with my online non profit management degree professors as I had with my on-campus professors in undergrad.”

Taking Immediate Action

Nichols was able to use his classwork to directly impact his career, even while obtaining his non profit degree. A majority of the assignments were applicable to his work.

“I loved the masters in non profit management group assignments because they were so purposeful,” said Nichols. 

Throughout his time at Grace, he was working to help an amazing church homeless ministry take off. The church of just 35 people was feeding 200+ people each week! 

He loved using his education to help the church think through the practicality of the ministry. How could they keep it going? When was it okay to say “no”? What would they do to make the most of their budget? These tough questions helped the church grow in stewardship so that they could serve their community to the best of their ability.

“My courses at Grace opened the door for so many opportunities,” Nichols shares. “I can’t believe I get to do this work, and I cannot wait to see what doors open next.”

Nichols has found a rewarding career centered around serving others. Do you want to see your impact grow? Further your impact without having to pause your mission with a Masters in Non profit Management. Learn more about Grace College today.