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July 1, 2022

What Can I Do With My Online Psychology Degree?

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What to do with an Online Psychology Degree? Grace College online walks through jobs in psychology. Learn about our bachelors degree online.

For some degrees, a career path is obvious. Education majors are destined to teach, counseling majors will go on to counsel others, seminary students will pastor churches. But for others…not so much. What about jobs in psychology? Tell someone that you are a psychology student, and the next question will probably be: “What do you plan to do with your degree?” With such a broad field, the opportunities range greatly, and it helps to have an idea before you get started. Here are just a few of the many roles you can play with an online psychology degree. 


Case Manager

A case manager supports individuals and families in meeting their comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources. A case manager must assess, plan, facilitate, and advocate. 

According to the Case Management Society of America (CMSA), “The case manager helps identify appropriate providers and facilities throughout the continuum of services, while ensuring that available resources are being used in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to obtain optimum value for both the client and the reimbursement source.” 

Did you know that there are different case management models depending on the environment? This means that employment opportunities can vary from medical work to social work and behavioral health.

So, how do you become a case manager? Most case managers have a degree that relates to their field, such as a bachelor’s in psychology. Oftentimes they complete an internship before entering into the workforce and pursuing proper certification. 

Regardless of the path you take to get there, becoming a case manager is an amazing way to support others in your community. 

Human Services Assistant

Passionate about working to better your community? One of the other popular jobs in psychology is becoming a human services assistant. This professional helps other people improve their lives. According to the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS), human services is defined as “meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations.” 

If these skills sound like your strengths, a degree in psychology can get you one step closer to a career in human services. Most jobs as a human services assistant require on-the-job training and an associate or bachelor’s degree in a related field. 


Rehabilitation Counselor

The role of a rehabilitation counselor is well-suited for someone with a heart for those with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. According to Explore Health Careers (EHC), this type of counselor helps those with disabilities live more independently using interventions or other counseling techniques. They assist their clients as they achieve personal, social, psychological, and vocational goals by equipping them with tools and services.

To pursue this job, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that you need a degree in rehabilitation counseling or a related field such as psychology. Some rehabilitation counselor positions may require specific certification or a license.


Community Health Worker

Another role on the list of jobs in psychology to pursue is community health worker. According to the American Public Health Association (APHA), “a community health worker builds individual and community capacity by increasing health knowledge and self-sufficiency through a range of activities such as outreach, community education, informal counseling, social support and advocacy.” Their goal is to connect their community with public health and wellness opportunities. 

Graduates with an online psychology degree can use their skills to provide adequate care, education, and support to their community in this role. The most highly sought after in this field are those who have strong connections with their local community and are exemplary communicators. 


And More!

There are many other jobs in psychology that those with an online psychology degree can pursue. Some graduates go on to become addictions counselors, community service managers, and ministry leaders. So what are you waiting for? Pursue an online psychology degree with Grace College Online.