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Master of Arts inMinistry Studies

Program Overview

We recognize that many who are already involved in or plan to be involved in vocational ministry in the local church desire further master’s-level theological education, but relocating to a residential campus is undesirable. Whether you’re a brand new student, or a student coming from our partnership with Christian University GlobalNet, this program allows you to achieve the credentials you need, while enjoying the flexibility of online education. The 36-hour, fully online Master of Arts in Ministry Studies is a great option! Courses are designed to allow you to do the work when it fits your schedule. Also, our students who have taken online courses at Grace not only enjoy the course content, they form a community of learners. The M.A. in Ministry Studies offers three concentrations: Camp Administration, Women’s Leadership Studies, and Counseling.

This degree is comprised of 12, three-credit courses for a total of 36 credit hours. These courses are eight weeks in length, so two are offered back to back during each semester (fall, spring, and summer). It is possible for a student to complete this degree in six semesters, which is two years.

MA in Ministry Studies Curriculum Map

Camp Administration Concentration

For almost a decade, Grace Theological Seminary has been privileged to have an ongoing relationship with Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center to provide students with training in the area of camping ministry. This degree combines excellent biblical training online, so the coursework can be done while in ministry, in addition to an eleven-month internship program. This degree combines 24 hours of the M.A. in Ministry Studies degree, which is online, with 12 credit hours given for the internship which takes place at Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center. Due to the length of the internship requirement in Westboro, WI, students who are married / have families and pursuing this concentration must attend the internship together. The internship portion of this concentration occurs before the coursework is completed at Grace College. For more information about the internship portion of this concentration, please contact Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center directly.

Camp Administration Concentration Curriculum Map

Women’s Leadership Studies Concentration

Grace College and Seminary and Women of Grace USA are partnering to provide this degree opportunity for women who are already in ministry and are looking for quality training to develop their leadership skills. The Women’s Leadership Studies program is for women who desire interaction and challenge from others within ministry. This new program will help women to grow in their personal awareness of strengths and weaknesses as a leader in a Christian ministry setting. The Women’s Leadership Studies program will also help these women develop both ministry values and skills to make genuine connections with others in order to experience God’s love through spiritual friendships and community. Women in the program will gain leadership skills related to the organization and administration of ministry programs in church, para-church, and mission environments while internalizing a biblical world-view of dependency on God.

Women’s Leadership Studies Concentration Curriculum Map

Counseling Concentration

The Counseling Concentration is designed to equip pastoral counselors and others with important ministry tools to help those who are hurting. The five counseling courses are ministry-based and taught by instructors who are engaged or have been engaged with counseling in a local church. These courses are different from the clinical courses taught in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Grace College. The concentration will start with the theological foundations of counseling and will address Christian counseling theories and methodologies. Other courses will address pre-marital and marital counseling and common problems experienced by those who seek help.

Counseling Concentration Curriculum Map

Master of Arts Online or Residential Program

With a bachelor’s degree, additional pre- and post-coursework will be completed to give academic credit for courses taken in the Women’s Leadership Studies program. Students may choose from a residential Master of Arts in Local Church Ministry through Grace Theological Seminary or an online Master of Arts in Ministry Studies through Grace College.

For more information about Women’s Leadership Studies, email Dr. Christy Hill or call 714-743-9811.

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Ministry Studies Courses

MIN 5010 Theological Seminar 1
MIN 5020 Theological Seminar 2
MIN 5100 Bible Study Methods
MIN 5200 Old Testament Survey
MIN 5210 New Testament Survey
MIN 5300 Historical Development of Doctrine
MIN 5310 Ministry and Cultural Diversity
MIN 5320 Ministry Leadership
MIN 5340 Ministry Preaching and Teaching
MIN 5350 Ministry Philosophy for the Church
MIN 6010 Spiritual Formation
MIN 6600 Principles and Practice of Prayer

An introduction to theology and its sources. Foundations will be laid in the areas of: Prolegomena, Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pneumatology, and Angelology. Three hours.

An introduction to theology and its sources. Foundations will be laid in the areas of: Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology. Three hours.

This course is designed to introduce learners to the basics of biblical interpretation and practical biblical inquiry. This course will cover essential elements of Hermeneutics as well as give practical training in bible study methodology focusing on the historical-grammatical interpretative method in the inductive bible study format. Three hours.

An introduction to the Old Testament with special reference to background, historical setting, literary composition, theology and message. After successfully completing this course, the student should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of background issues which introduce one to the study of various concepts of the Old Testament, the historical milieu of each Old Testament book studied, the purpose and general content of each Old Testament book studied, the use of the Old Testament in modern ministry, and the foundation the Old Testament provides for the New Testament. Three hours.

This course introduces the New Testament with special reference to background, historical setting, literary composition, theology and message. After successfully completing this course, the student should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of background issues which introduce one to the study of various concepts of the New Testament, the historical milieu of each New Testament book studied, the purpose and general content of each New Testament book studied, the relationship between the New and Old Testaments, and the use of the New Testament in modern ministry. Three hours.

An overview of the development of doctrine in the church from the Apostolic Fathers through the 20th-century. The focus will be on church confessions, major theological movements and controversies, and important theologians. Three hours.

This course is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of the elements of culture and how they affect biblical ministry in intercultural and multicultural contexts. It is designed to help Christian workers become more effective in those contexts as their understanding permits them to shape their ministry to penetrate other cultures more deeply and, therefore, apply God‘s Word more accurately. Three hours.

Through the use of reading and writing assignments, online discussions, pastoral interviews, and a self-assessment and action plan paper, the following leadership topics will be covered: servant leadership, mentoring, visionary leadership, and leading as a change agent. Eight weeks of course work will be conducted independently and on-line, culminating in a final paper. Three hours.

This course combines both theory and practice. It introduces a functional methodology of organizing and developing the elements of a sermon. It examines issues of bridging exegesis and exposition as well as the application of biblical truth and the effective delivery to listeners. Approximately one-third of the course is devoted to a lab setting where lessons and sermons are videotaped and critiqued. Three hours.

This course seeks to promote appropriate ministry perspectives especially as applied to the local church in North America. Two main areas will receive attention: 1) the attitudes and responsibilities of a servant leader of the local church, and 2) a philosophy of local church ministry. In addition, a variety of specific applications of New Testament ecclesiology are discussed and applied to contemporary life and ministry. Three hours.

This course investigates the biblical and personal foundations of spiritual growth known theologically as sanctification. It is designed to help the learner understand the impact of family history, personal development and life experiences on one‘s theological outlook, emotional maturity, relational patterns, moral decisions and ministry effectiveness. Through personal prayer projects, experiential learning and small group interaction, learners will gain a richer sense of self-awareness in order to open more deeply to the love and truth of God. This integrative course attempts to connect theological truth to life in order to explore God‘s design for growth and how the individual might cooperate within the context of a developing relational Christian spirituality. Three hours.

Recognizing that prayer is a primary activity of every Christian, the basic biblical principles of prayer are carefully studied. The prayer life of the pastor/ missionary, along with the responsibility of leading a congregation in its prayer ministry, will receive special attention. Three hours.

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