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The Online Writing Lab is a free service available for students to send in their papers for writing lab tutors to review. Students can submit papers in any form. Are you unclear what the professor is asking for? Have you written an outline and want to check its organization? Did you produce a rough draft you want to make sure is fulfilling all the professor’s requirements? Or do you just want a second set of eyes to produce a polished product? In any and all of these cases, submit it to the Online Writing Lab and explain what you would like us to focus on. We check for content, sources, style, format and grammatical problems in writing as they affect students’ abilities to clearly express thoughts in a paper. Also, you can submit the same paper more than once if you have worked out some kinks and would like a final review. All papers will be reviewed and a guaranteed response will be received within 48 hours.

  • Send papers to
  • Be sure to include “online students” in the subject.
  • Attach your assignment in an email.
  • Submit your paper for review.

Please remember that ultimately each student is responsible for his/her paper, and any proposed changes the writing lab makes are merely suggestions.

Also, Grace College and Theological Seminary offers content tutoring for free. If you are having trouble understanding the material you are reading for a course or why you are not receiving the grades you desire please email Calla Andrews ( She will connect you with a tutor who specializes in your discipline.

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