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Master of Business Administration

Welcome to the Grace College Master of Business Administration Online Degree program, which provides a curriculum and environment where current and future business professionals are transformed through the study of business from a distinctly biblical perspective.

 Our online MBA program understands business from a distinctly biblical perspective. The first course in the curriculum constructs this Christian perspective foundation, while the courses that follow further develop this perspective. The first divine instructions include commands to subdue and have dominion over God’s creation (Genesis 1:26, 28) and to work and keep God’s garden (Genesis 2:15). These commands are further developed in other scriptural passages, they remain in effect to this day, and they endow the practice of business with theological significance.

The Grace College Master of Business Administration degree is constructed and courses are delivered with an intentionally applied emphasis. Consistent with learning-by-doing, course assignments allow students to use their knowledge from the course concepts and apply them in their current employment setting. This allows students to quickly develop an initial proficiency with the concepts being covered. It also allows students to demonstrate to their employers the value-added nature of the Grace College School of Business program.

Admission Requirements

How to Apply

In order to be considered for enrollment in one of the graduate programs at Grace, you must fulfill certain admission requirements. Below is a list of the requirements for the Master of Business Administration program.

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Undergraduate GPA: minimum 2.75
  • Complete the application process

*Additional assessments may be required for applicants without an undergrad business degree

We recommend that you apply for admission at least one month before the next entry term. Students applying after the deadline are considered on a space available basis. It is best to apply early!

Admission Requirements

  • Online Application

    After all parts of your application have been completed and received in our enrollment office, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

  • Transcript Request

    Request official transcripts from the school where you obtained your bachelor’s degree. If you are currently working on your degree, you can submit an unofficial transcript for admission until term completion, at which time an official transcript is required. Transcripts should be sent to admissions@grace.edu.

  • Reference Form

    Please contact the necessary reference (this cannot be a relative) and have them complete the applicable reference form below.

    Professional Reference Form

  • Acceptance Process

    When all of the steps have been completed, you will be advised of the Admissions Committee’s decision. The Admissions Committee may request that you submit additional materials and/or that you interview with a representative of the College.

  • Enrollment Deposit

    Upon acceptance, submit your $100 Enrollment Deposit to accept your offer of admission. Your $100 deposit will be credited to your student account. Welcome to the Grace College community!

    Submit your deposit

Ideal Fit

Unlock Opportunities

The Master of Business Administration Online degree is perfect for those who want to grow their career.

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Career Opportunities

New careers are within your grasp.

This MBA online Degree will equip you to do business from a Christian perspective.

  • Small Business Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Administrative Services Managers
  • Controller
  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers
Learn about our Master of Business Administration Online Degree. 100% online MBA Program with a Christian outlook. MBA online in 36 hours.

I would never have been able to start my own business, the way I did, if it wasn’t for the education I earned from Grace College Online.

Tyler Lemon

President and Founder of Orthopedic Validation Experts, LLC

Curriculum Examples

Business Policy
Legal Environment of Business
International Business
Marketing Management
Operations Management

Course Overview

Consistent with that understanding learners develop the capacity to formulate and implement strategies that capitalize on and further develop an organization’s comparative advantage. This process of capitalizing on and further developing an organization’s comparative advantage will be evaluated using the concept of stewardship found in Scripture

The legal environment will be viewed from planning, compliance, efficiency and equity perspectives. The legal environment will be evaluated using a biblical perspective.

Acting on that understanding, learners then develop the capacity to formulate plans that allow businesses to effectively navigate the international landscape. The international landscape will be viewed from trade, productivity, monetary and biblical perspectives.

In pursuit of the related goals of understanding and acting, learner activities are structured around three key concepts: 1) a customer focus is essential, 2) relevant, timely, valid information is essential, and 3) competition based on product differentiation is essential. In the course learners also explore how to evaluate marketing programs and efforts using insights from Scripture.

First, learners will develop the capacity to use activity based management to understand processes within organizations. Second, learners will develop the capacity to use lean manufacturing and total quality management to act on that understanding as they manage and improve processes within organizations. Third, learners will consider insights offered by Scripture concerning efficiency, productivity and quality.

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