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December 6, 2023

Equipped for More: Athletic Director Requirements You Should Know About

The excited crowd begins to disperse. The big lights go off one by one. The adrenaline-ridden players jog back to the locker room. The game has officially ended. You smile to yourself at another job well done. You feel a sense of accomplishment in knowing that your relationship with everyone on the field has continued to grow and thrive. You know that you played a role in tonight’s success by caring for the athletes, the facilities, and the school.

Can you imagine yourself in this scenario? If you have a love for athletics but are not sure of the best way to apply it, a degree in athletic administration could be a great path to take. This degree opens the door to opportunities to work with athletes, coaches, and facility managers to make an impact. If this sounds like a good fit, here are a few athletic director requirements you should know about.


Strong Communication Skills

Athletic directors must be willing to collaborate with a variety of people. Your role will require communication with school staff, athletes, coaches, and the surrounding community. This requires an understanding of how to tailor your communication to various audiences. 

For example, how an athletic director communicates with the community will look very different than with student-athletes. Communication with community members may focus on advertising events, fundraising, or sharing game updates, while athlete communication would likely include encouraging words, meeting the needs of the team, or responding to immediate concerns. Knowing how to communicate these specific messages is crucial as an athletic director. 

Looking to grow these skills? Further your education with a sport management degree or an online athletic administration degree to give yourself practical tools to help you grow in your communication skills. Speaking of which, next on our list of athletic director requirements is relevant experience and education! 

Relevant Experience

Did you know that there are other certifications available to people pursuing a career as an athletic director? Current or future athletic directors can get certifications from the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, including a Registered Athletic Administrator, a Certified Athletic Administrator, or a Certified Master Athletic Administrator. An athletic director with these qualifications has a leg up in the field!

Experience in coaching, physical education, and event management are all relevant to the athletic directing role because a great athletic director is familiar with the school system, athletics, and managing details. Keep track of these types of experiences to highlight on your resume and in job interviews!


A Reputable Degree

It is no secret that a great degree will speak volumes as you pursue your dream career. A master’s degree in athletic administration will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to confidently work in this field. If you are already working in athletic administration, an online degree can be a great solution! If you go this route, be sure to pursue an online degree that is backed by a reputable school with a real campus and good connections. Grace’s online degree is a great option. In fact, our athletic administration was even listed as a notable program by Forbes Advisor in its Top Ten Affordable Online Master’s Programs of 2023! 

A great athletic administration degree will offer hands-on experience and provide support from qualified professors. Online athletic administration graduate William Patrick found that a master’s in athletic administration helped him find authentic connection and support.

“Dr. Johnson in the athletic administration department was incredibly helpful,” he shared. “He was an amazing source of guidance during the program and after.”


If you’ve already checked some of these athletic director requirements off the list, it could be time for the next step! Learn more about our online master’s in athletic administration degree — you just might find that you were created for an impactful career in athletic administration.