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March 2, 2023

Let’s Take a Tour: A Sneak Peek at the Masters in Nonprofit Management Classes

Upon completion of the masters in nonprofit management degree at Grace College, students are ready to make an immediate impact in the nonprofit world. One student began a women’s homeless ministry in New York City. A nurse began a nonprofit that specializes in writing grants for medical care. An artist started an arts council for inner-city service. A young athlete became a sports ministry director at a large church. Another woman founded a ministry for old folks in retirement centers. No matter what your God-given passion is, a Masters in Nonprofit Management can give you the tools you need to meet the need. 

Grace College’s masters in nonprofit management is completely online and is designed to be flexible, affordable, and applicable. The emphasis on real-world projects makes it a dynamic option for people hoping to take the next step in their nonprofit organization careers. 

So what are the classes like in the program? Let’s take a “tour” through the masters in nonprofit management curriculum map and get a bird’s-eye view of a few of the courses included in the program.


Fundraising is an essential element to sustain and grow most nonprofit organization careers. This course will provide an overview of fundraising and will explore the various functions and opportunities within the realm of fundraising. The ultimate purpose of this course is to prepare nonprofit leaders to deliver effective “asks” for their organization. Individual fundraising is the most effective method of gaining financial support and understanding the process for securing a gift is an important skill for nonprofit leaders. 

“I feel more confident about asking for money after this project,” shares a recent masters in nonprofit management grad. “This class has changed my mindset about how to approach fundraising. I love the idea of including the donor in the joy of the organization.” 

Instructor Kelsi Griffith shares that her favorite part of teaching this course is connecting with students who have true passion and helping to give them the necessary means for making their dreams a reality. 

“Fundraising can be super intimidating at first,” shares Griffith. “However, the partner project that requires them to discuss with each other as donors builds a lot of confidence!”  



Marketing is a very important aspect of the masters in nonprofit management degree. Successful nonprofit organization careers have to be connected to the community, and marketing is the link to make it happen! Marketing strategies such as lead generation, search engine optimization, and social media strategy can help nonprofits interface with donors, recruit volunteers and get the community connected with the mission. 

“Marketing is fast-paced,” says nonprofit marketing professor, Matt Metzger. “I want our students to graduate ahead of the curve on marketing trends and strategies.”

To achieve this, Metzger creates opportunities for real-world experience. Students find an organization in need and complete a comprehensive review of their marketing plan. Metzger coaches them and works with them on their findings. Video meetings give students a chance to discuss with one another and learn from each others’ marketing strategies. 


Applied Nonprofit Management

In this project-based course, students are given an eight-week session to choose a project that applies to them in their current nonprofit organization. One student created a handbook for her volunteers. Another created a new website for his outreach. In this course, the instructor works as a mentor, advising students and partnering with them and their organizations to create something worthwhile. 

Students have reported back saying that the course was valuable to their careers. One student even shared that he got a promotion because of the success from the project! 


Grant Writing

This course is a guide through the grant writing process, from researching potential funding sources, building and developing a relationship with a grantmaker, devising a proposal, and ultimately securing funding through a grant proposal. Grants are a valuable revenue stream for nonprofits. This course is a guide through the entire process step-by-step. The main project of the course requires students to actually apply for a grant. They walk away with a full grant proposal to be used for their nonprofit of choice, and it’s not uncommon that students in the class actually secure the grants they apply for!  


Ready for Service

All around the world, there are needs waiting to be met. Whether it’s helping the homeless, caring for sick animals, or campaigning for a cause, it’s no secret that our communities could use a little help. Nonprofit organization careers exist to help meet needs. If you’ve ever considered starting a nonprofit of your own but are in need of tools to help you, a masters in nonprofit management could be a great place to start.


How will you use your passions to make an impact? Learn more about a Masters of Nonprofit Management at Grace College to start the next chapter of your journey.