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October 10, 2023

What Degree Do You Need to Be a Teacher in Indiana?

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What degree do you need to be a teacher in Indiana? Grace College's Transition to Teaching program has the education needed to be a teacher.

You know you belong in the classroom, but you’re not quite sure how to get there. What major should you pick? What degree do you need to be a teacher? What exams will you take? If you’ve completed a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than education, can you still attain licensure?

If you’ve wondered about the education needed to be a teacher, read on to learn about the different routes you can take to licensure!


What degree do you need to be a teacher?

If you haven’t begun your undergraduate education, you may be wondering, What degree do you need to be a teacher? According to the Indiana Department of Education, in order to apply for a teaching license, you’ll first need to undergo an approved teaching preparatory program.

Typically, this means earning a bachelor’s degree in education in your desired age level and specialization through an accredited institution. This will usually look like majoring in one of the following majors: 


  • All Grades
  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary Education 
  • Secondary Education  
  • Special Education 


When you complete your undergraduate degree in one of the above, your institution’s licensing advisor will guide you through licensure exams and any further requirements you’ll need to fulfill in order to apply for licensure.

Once you earn your license, you are ready to take on the classroom.


What if my bachelor’s isn’t in education?

Maybe you’ve already completed your undergraduate degree in something other than education. What degree do you need to be a teacher in this case? Do you have to start over entirely?

Due to a growing need of competent teachers in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Education introduced a teacher preparatory program for those with non-education bachelor’s degrees from a regionally accredited institution. This program is known as Transition to Teaching (T2T).

Transition to Teaching is a graduate-level program that provides future teachers with an expedited track to licensure. Most programs are worth 18-24 credits, taking 12-18 months to complete. Traditionally, you’ll enroll in a T2T course online, though some institutions include an on-campus residency as part of the program.

When you complete the program, you’ll be eligible to apply for an Indiana teaching license in your program’s education age range. An Indiana teaching license has reciprocity in most states, meaning that as long as you meet the requirements of each state, you’ll be able to teach across the country.


Transition to Teaching at Grace College

Introduced in the summer of 2023, Grace College’s Transition to Teaching program is already making an impact in Indiana schools. Grace’s Transition to Teaching program is worth 24 credits and takes 18 months to complete. With the exception of a five-day residency on-campus, the program is 100% online.

“Our Transition to Teaching program takes a holistic approach to the teaching profession,” said Courtney Thrasher, Grace’s Transition to Teaching Director. “It equips students with competency in planning and preparation, teaching all learners, instructing in the core subjects with a special emphasis on literacy and fostering positive relationships and learning environments. The program also provides a culminating student-teaching experience.”

Although the program was implemented just months ago, five of Grace’s T2T students are currently teaching, as students enrolled in an approved T2T program are eligible in the state of Indiana for hiring as a classroom teacher. One of which is Katie Wonderly, who pursued T2T at Grace after receiving a scholarship.

“The greatest impact of my involvement in this program was being hired to teach fifth grade this year,” said Wonderly. “Seeing my students reach their goals brings me more joy than I could ever imagine.”

One aspect that sets Grace’s Transition to Teaching program apart from others is its five-day residency.

“During this residency, candidates have the opportunity to meet and make connections with their fellow cohort members and the professors who will be teaching their courses,” said Thrasher. “The residency is also our springboard for academic success. Candidates are coached by the School by Education faculty and staff in core competencies of the program.”

Grace currently offers an elementary education program and plans to introduce a program for secondary education within the next year.

To learn about a possible scholarship opportunity through the Indiana Department of Education, email Courtney Thrasher at thrashce@grace.edu.


What degree do you need to be a teacher? Look no further than Grace College. Read more about Grace College’s Transition to Teaching program and explore Grace’s School of Education here.