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February 7, 2024

Why is Special Education Important?: A Few Things to Remember on the Hard Days

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Why is Special Education Important? Grace College offers an online special education degree with a intense intervention license. Learn more.

You’ve earned your mild intervention license, but now you wonder if you should earn your intense intervention license. As a special education teacher, some days are challenging, and you feel like you’re not making an impact. Is it worth it to pursue further education in this field? Even on difficult days, though, special education plays an essential role in the education setting  — and it’s important that you don’t lose sight of that!

Whether you become a classroom teacher or a special education teacher, an intense intervention license can help you meet the needs of a wide variety of students. So, why is special education important, and why should you stick with special education even on the hard days? Read on to find out!


Why is special education important?

As a special education teacher, you play an important role in helping students reach exciting milestones. Even when progress seems slow, you’re still impacting the lives of students and helping them achieve their goals.

Students with disabilities need support in order to thrive in a classroom environment. “We believe that special education should be just that … special,” shared Dr. Cheryl Bremer, dean of Grace College’s School of Education. “Students facing challenging disabilities need specialized instruction and support by competent and compassionate educators.” 

Special education opens the door to opportunities for students with disabilities. With some extra support, these students can go on to earn degrees, gain independence, and achieve success in the workplace, and you get to play a part in their success as a special education teacher.


Why should you stick with special education on the hard days?

Education is a rewarding career, but special education is especially rewarding. “There is great personal satisfaction in knowing that you are making a difference in a student’s life,” said Bremer. As a special education teacher, you get to watch children grow and thrive as you support them.

Special education also provides an opportunity to show Christ’s love to children who are often overlooked. By giving them attention and meeting them where they are, you can show children with disabilities that they have value.

Why is special education important in light of the teacher shortage? The widespread teacher shortage has created a need for teachers in various areas, but special education teachers are in particularly high demand. Because of this need and the unique role of special education teachers, special education teachers often receive better pay and benefits than other teachers.

“Historically, special education has always been an area of teacher shortage,” shared Bremer. “In light of the current and widespread teacher shortage, the need for qualified special education teachers is exponentially higher than ever before. Schools across the country need experienced and qualified special educators who are committed to their students and willing to stay in the field longer than five years!”


What is the difference between an intense intervention license and a mild intervention license?

As their names suggest, intense intervention prepares you to work with students who have significant disabilities, while mild intervention prepares you to assist students with mild disabilities. Earning your intense intervention license will expand on the knowledge you learned while earning your mild intervention license, allowing you to meet the needs of students who require greater support.


Is earning an intense intervention license affordable?

Yes, earning an intense intervention license is affordable! Indiana Special Education Assisted Licensure (I-SEAL) offers assistance that can be used to cover the cost of books, tuition, and fees. The Questa Foundation also offers forgivable loans to special education students in Northeast Indiana.

In addition, you can save money by completing an online special education degree, such as Grace College Online’s intense intervention program. Grace’s program includes coursework and clinical experiences. In the online coursework, you will learn about evidence-based practices, theoretical applications, legal implications, and current trends in special education alongside other students. You will then apply your coursework through clinical experiences in which you will observe teachers and practice providing support for students with varying developmental levels.

“The coursework, expertise of the faculty, and practical experience provide someone with the tools they need to meet the needs of all students, particularly those with learning, communication, and behavioral challenges,” said Bremer.

With an intense intervention license, you will gain both the knowledge and the experience to thrive as a special education teacher. Now that we’ve answered your question, “Why is special education important on the hard days?”, learn more about Grace College’s online special education degree and discover what characteristics great special education teachers have.