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December 9, 2021

Are Online Degrees Respected by Employers?

In 2021, a business administration degree was one of the most sought-after degrees. Whether it be to increase your knowledge in your field, obtain job security, pursue a new opportunity, or finally get that pay increase you’ve been working for, you may have been one of the thousands who considered pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration this year. 

However, completing a degree while maintaining a career, enjoying your family, and balancing a hectic schedule may have led you to consider online education as an alternative to in-person education. 

But the big question remains: Are online degrees respected by employers?

Here are three words to consider when seeking to answer this question. 



What employers think about online degrees is a matter of credibility. Can the degree be trusted? Does the degree prepare a student for the demands of the business world? 

If you fear an employer will throw your resume aside when they see “online degree,” you’ll be comforted to know that hiring managers are more concerned about the degree itself than the method of earning the degree. 

When asked the question, “Are online degrees respected by employers?”, Lanie Hodgson, professional talent acquisition manager at the Bowen Center, was quick to defend the credibility of online degrees.

“Online degrees are as credible as in-person degrees, and there are certain strengths: drive, independence, motivation, self-sufficiency, timeliness, organization, etc., that we see in people due to their accredited online degrees,” she shared.

So keep that in mind going forward! Your online degree might just help you sell your soft skills in your next interview. Online education can be leveraged to help your credibility as a professional and not hurt it!


The second word to consider is reputation. Does the institution you are seeking a degree from have a strong reputation? Is it known for developing strong candidates for jobs that possess both the skill to take the company to the next level and the character to shape a company’s culture?

A good place to start is looking for colleges that are close to home. Your local colleges are typically household names viewed positively by potential employers. For many hiring managers, their opinion of your education is less about whether the degree is online and more about where the degree is from. 

Fortunately, Grace College has great connections with many different businesses and individuals in the greater Northern Indiana region. Not to mention, we are located in the Orthopaedic Capital of the World. Locally, we’ve fostered great relationships with orthopedic companies such as DePuy (a Johnson & Johnson Company), Medtronic, Paragon Medical, and Zimmer Biomet — all of which are within 10 miles of campus! Countless of our graduates go on to get jobs at these companies and thrive in their positions. This solid reputation is what keeps Grace’s name in high regard among employers.


The final word to think about as we ask the question, “Are online degrees respected by employers?”, is the word quality. According to an article by, when choosing an online degree, accreditation is key. A school’s accreditation serves as proof that the institution is not only meeting or exceeding national standards but also ensures that the school has sound financial, administrative, operational, and oversight practices. Be sure to check out the accreditation of an institution of interest before you make your decision.

You can also assess the quality of a program based on the school’s curriculum and professors.

“To have professors who have spent significant time in business and are insightful about today’s current issues is invaluable,” says MBA graduate, Jermaine Chaney. “It’s evident that at Grace, relationships are key.” 

Chaney is right. The benefit of receiving an online education from a school backed by brick-and-mortar like Grace College is that the professors tend to take a more personalized approach to education. Our faculty have a desire to support and guide students in such a way that graduates from any of Grace’s online programs will have exactly what they need to add value in the workplace.

So, are online degrees respected by employers? The short answer is yes! 

There are many roles that a graduate with an MBA can hold. From specializing in product management to managing finances, the opportunities are wide open! If you’ve considered an Online MBA, now is a great time to get started!