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April 23, 2021

What is a Bachelor’s Degree?: Get Yours With a Seamless Two-Step Process

What is a bachelor’s degree and why is it so important to get one?

Maybe college doesn’t seem like the obvious choice for you. Or maybe you’re already halfway there with your credits, but life got in the way and you didn’t finish the degree you started. You know the general path you want to take with your career, so why do you need to complete a degree to get there? What are the steps to earn a bachelor’s degree? And what is a bachelor’s degree all about? What is it that makes it so important?

Boy, do we have some answers for you. 

What is a Bachelor’s Degree? 

A bachelor’s degree is typically a four year program that builds upon high school education. The degree typically hones in on a specific field and falls under one of two categories: bachelor of arts, which requires students to take a few language courses, or bachelor of science, which entails taking extra classes in math or science. 

Today, bachelor’s degrees are regarded as the standard of entry into many professional careers. A bachelor’s degree is often an impetus for a significant pay increase. 

Now that you know what a bachelor’s degree is, are you wondering, “Can you get a bachelor’s degree online at Grace College?” The answer is yes! 

The online bachelor’s degree completion program at Grace is a two-step process. You start right where you are and work toward your bachelor’s from there. Here’s how.

Step One

The first step is to get your associate’s degree or to have at least 60 college credits under your belt. If you can check one of those boxes, great! You can jump ahead to step number two. If not, keep reading!

If you’ve graduated high school or you have your GED but you haven’t obtained enough college credit to enroll in a bachelor’s program, you can start by getting your online associate of liberal arts (ASLA) degree from Grace. (You don’t need a single credit to get started on this degree!) This 60 credit hour program will give you an overview of a wide variety of topics including economics, history, communications, psychology and more. 

The ASLA is specifically tailored to students who have taken a long time off of school. So if you’re worried that you will get lost in the shuffle — don’t be! With a tribe of people behind you, we know that you can do this!

You can complete this degree from start to finish in as little as two years. After you’ve completed the associate of liberal arts degree, you will be able to seamlessly move into an accredited online bachelor’s degree and pursue a future in business, ministry, human services, or psychology.

Step Two

The second step of our degree completion program is to choose which one of our four programs best aligns with your interests. 

  • An online degree in psychology will guide you through the ins and outs of human personality. It will explore behavior through a Biblical worldview, and help you create the connections you need to find a job right out of graduation.
  • The ministry leadership degree prepares you for a life of service in the Kingdom of God. Whether you want to become a pastor, a missionary, or a children’s ministry leader, this bachelor’s degree will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to make a lasting impact.

These two degrees take a total of two years to complete and are 60 credit hours. Each course is eight weeks long. 

  • A bachelor’s in human services is the program for you if you want to go into any kind of social work. The online classes in this program teach you how to help people through dark times and get back on their feet after difficult life events.
  • Grace’s online bachelor of business administration lays a foundation for your career that you will never regret. You’ll learn about connections between economic growth and market-based business and graduate ready for an array of business careers.

The bachelor’s of human services and business administration are 45 credit hour programs that take as little as 16 months to complete. Classes are only five weeks long, so you will easily be able to manage your workload with a full-time job. 

Why It Matters

The beauty of investing in an online bachelor’s degree is that you can pick up where you left off — whether you’re transferring your credits from a community college or you dropped out in the middle of your program years ago. But why does a bachelor’s matter so much?

By earning a bachelor’s degree, you become far more qualified and competent in your chosen field. Going the extra mile to get your bachelor’s degree communicates to your employers that you take your career seriously and that you are equipped for whatever they throw at you. An online bachelor’s degree from Grace Online is more than just a title you hold. It means you have extensive knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a determination to keep going when things get hard. By the time you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, you will feel it, and your employer will see it.

What is a bachelor’s degree? It’s the education you need to take your career from a dream to reality.

If you’re ready to start your two-step process, get started on your application today!


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