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May 7, 2021

Why Should I Choose an Online Christian College?

Here you stand. Once again, at a crossroads. (By the way — weren’t the hard decisions supposed to end after you chose a college the first time?)

You attended a Christian college for your undergraduate degree…or maybe you didn’t. Perhaps you just considered it. Either way, you’ve teetered back and forth on this matter. You’re just not sure if you believe that the benefits of a Christian liberal arts degree are all they’re cracked up to be. But now you’re investigating online master’s degrees, and the question has come back around. 

Should I choose an online Christian college? 

Simply put, we think yes. And there is an entire list of reasons why: Intentional professors, classmates that encourage you, faith integration in your coursework, and a foundation on God’s Word are just a few reasons. 

But here’s the main reason. 

As Christians, we believe that God has a unique plan in mind to use whatever discipline you pursue for His purposes. It doesn’t matter if you’re pursuing art, science, business, or ministry. There is a unique opportunity to dive deep into a specific field of study and come out knowing the Creator of the universe in a fresh, new, and exciting way. 

This is the way we do academics at Grace. And we invite you to consider what a master’s degree at Grace College — an online Christian college — just might look like.

Grace offers six different Christian online degrees for master’s level coursework. Each one is influenced by our faith-forward approach in a slightly different way. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve invited our master’s alumni to speak about the ways that the online Christian college experience shaped their education. 

We asked, “Why did you choose an online Christian college?”


I was encouraged to grow as an image-bearer.

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

“I chose the program at Grace because it not only is accredited at the highest levels (CACREP), but it also seeks to faithfully integrate Biblical truth with current understandings of human psychology.  One of the most valuable parts of the program was the way professors invested time and energy into my professional development as a therapist and contributed to my growth as an image-bearer of God.”

-Ryan Worley, 2019 graduate 


The professors really care. 

Business Administration

“I love that the MBA course is set up to be conducive to a full-time work schedule. The professors truly care about seeing their students succeed not only in their classes but in their current careers as well!”

– Brittany Tadesse, 2020 graduate


I got to observe and learn from the life of Christ Himself. 

Nonprofit Management

“Nonprofit Management is a field that uniquely situates leaders at the center of an ever-evolving web of constituencies including a board of trustees, employees, volunteers, community members, donors, program alumni, and governmental leaders. I found the Nonprofit Management program at Grace to be so beneficial because we not only looked at secular leadership philosophies, but we also took a deep dive observing and learning from the greatest leader who ever lived — Jesus himself. That’s something unique to online Christian colleges. You just don’t get that at other schools.” 

– Madison Cowman, current student


I was equipped & mobilized for the ministries I’m involved in. 

Ministry Studies

“The world of ministry changes as quickly as the Church that pastors and ministry leaders seek to serve. The Masters in Ministry Studies offered a counseling concentration I knew I wanted in order to better equip and mobilize the ministries I am involved in. Getting this focus from a Christian school was vital, knowing the skills I would be learning would be based on the techniques of the Great Counselor! Having professors who have experience in Christian-based counseling methods assured me I would be prepared for future ministry.”

-Rick Nier, 2020 graduate

I could approach cultural, moral, and ethical issues with a Biblical perspective. 

Higher Education

“The Christian perspective I received in studying higher education through Grace’s online graduate program is invaluable. I found it especially pertinent to have a strong Biblical perspective to speak to the challenging cultural, moral, and ethical issues that college students face today. Moreover, my professors’  feedback on my papers and posts reflected their genuine interest in me as a person as well as constructive challenges to my thinking. I experienced exponential personal and spiritual growth during the two years I was in this program.” 

-Cindy Bradley, 2018 graduate


From the very first phone call, I knew my advisor was genuine. 

Athletic Administration

“Dr. Johnson was the nicest man. He gave me all the time I could ever ask for on the phone. He answered all of my questions and laid out the program clearly. I hung up the phone and told my wife, ‘I think I found the program for me! And there have been no regrets since then!’” 

-Anthony Amero, 2015 graduate


Those who have experienced it would agree — online Christian college is worth it

Now your decision-making process just got that much easier. The next step is to learn more about your program of interest. Not sure which one best suits you? 


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