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Online CMHC students are assigned a full-time faculty member as a dedicated academic advisor. Students are expected to work closely with their academic advisor in determining course schedules and preparing for critical degree requirements including Candidacy, Comprehensive Exam, and Portfolio.

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Policies and procedures related to the online CMHC program can be found in the Department of Online Graduate Counseling (DOGC) Catalog. Questions about these policies and procedures can be directed toward the appropriate academic advisor.

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Practicum and Internship

Online CMHC students are required to complete a 1,000 hour field experience over three semesters (Practicum, Internship, and Advanced Internship). Information related to Practicum and Internship can be found in the Field Training Manual. Questions about Practicum and Internship can be directed toward the DOGC Clinical Coordinator (contact info here).

Field Training Manual