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Grace College Reduces Price of Online Degrees by 19.5%
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Grace College Differentiates Between For-Profit and Nonprofit Leadership

If you’re interested in nonprofit leadership and the way nonprofit organizations offer help to societies, it’s important to know the difference between nonprofit and for-profit organizations. This is just a starting point for understanding and developing ideas for nonprofit goals and methods. Grace College’s online master of nonprofit management degree…

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Athletic Administration; Choose the Path of a Lifelong Learner

The field of athletic administration is one that many athletes dream about. For those with a passion for sports, the chance to facilitate programs that develop athletes of character and produce victorious seasons just can’t be topped. Kate Greabeiel, from Edmonton Alberta, CN, is one of these individuals who has…

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5 Essential Tips to Get Financial Aid For Online College

Can you get financial aid for online college? How am I going to pay for my online degree? What are the top online schools with financial aid? If you’re asking questions like these, it’s time to pull up a chair and clear the next ten minutes of your day. You’re…

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Degree Completion: Stepping Out of Hard Seasons with Hope

Sometimes it’s the lowest points in life that lead to something amazing-- like completing your degree! In 1995, eighteen-year-old Susanna Metzger eagerly began her second semester of college at IPFW, planning to study accounting. But when she received the news that she was pregnant, her college education was put on…

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Nonprofit Management; Two Great Foundations

As featured in the Grace Story Magazine   It’s rare for a multimillion-dollar granting foundation to establish its home in a small-sized town of 20,000 people. But that’s exactly what K21 Health Foundation did when it chose to locate in Winona Lake-Warsaw, Indiana, and serve Kosciusko County. In 1999, the…

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A Study by Grace College: How COVID-19 is Impacting Local Nonprofits

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every organization and individual near and far. From cancellations to altered strategies to health and safety guidelines, our world has seemingly turned upside down. Where do communities turn in a time of uncertainty, recession, and abundant need? In Warsaw, Indiana, the answer is local nonprofits. Nonprofit…

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